33rd Poland international Education Fair 2022

Fair’s Promotions - March 2020

A professional information campaign will proceed the event to ensure your contact with a target group.

  • Directly campaign in secondary schools, universities, language schools  and other educational institutions
  • Decicated mailing - about study abroad before the Fair
  • Prominent place in the website www.perspektywy.pl – addressed and visited by youth people
  • Promotion on websities, in cooperation with portals visited by youth people, students, on Facebook
  • Media promotion in cooperation with national television and radio
  • Newsletters and posters destributed to high schools and other educational institutions
  • Advertising campaign in leading newspaper, magazines

Entrance - Free of charge

6-7 March, 2020, Warsaw, venue: Palace Culture and Science, openning hours: from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm

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