31st Poland international Education Fair 2019

Fair in Warsaw

Did you know that one out of four high school seniors in Poland would like to study abroad? 

This gives you an excellent reason to take part in the 29 th Poland International Education Fair, Warsaw, 23-24 February 2018, in order to present your educational offer to thousands of young Poles who come to the Fair.

We are glad to inform you that the 29 th Poland International Education Fair Perspectives will take place in Warsaw at the Palace of Culture and Science.Each year Perspektywy Education Fair attracts around 35 thousand visitors: secondary school students, university students, teachers and parents. More and more Polish students speak English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. That’s why Perspektywy Education Fair is the best place to promote study-abroad programs.

Why choice this fair:

  • excellent localization; in the heart of Warsaw; at the Palace Culture and Science
  • organized every year, since 1998
  • prices: from 1200 euro for 4 sq m for a fully equipped booth
  • a professional promotional campaign
  • direct contact to schools
  • up to 30 thousands visitors each year.

Come, meet and recruit Polish students!

Last Edition Fall 2017

Last Edition Winter 2017

International Education Fair in numbers

Salon Edukacyjny 2018

s.q meter
exhibition space


8-9 March
Palace Culture and Science

Łódzki Salon Maturzystów

30 000

Salon Edukacyjny 2018

seminars, workshops,
accompanying events